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"For the past 17 years Jim has taken personal care of my aircraft, including annual inspections, engine overhaul (everything firewall-forward), and interior refurbishment. His knowledge of aircraft systems and FAA regulations and paperwork is truly amazing. His experience literally runs from “Jennies to Jets.” He has established a mutually respectable relationship with the FAA to ensure that what needs to get done, gets done. Everything is done right, the first time. When I describe Jim to my non-aviation friends I tell them that Jim has the equivalent of a PhD. in Aviation. That's why I call him 'The Doctor'!”

--Michael Carlson, Aircraft Owner

We had a large project that required a vast background of knowledge and relationships in the industry to get completed. We called Jim with Rezich and Rezich Aviation Consulting, and we were able to complete our work ahead of schedule and with far more detail than expected. We will make sure to use "RR Aero" for all our maintenance oversight needs.

--Robert Ottoson, PDT Aviation LLC

"Nick was able to analyze the landing gear geometry for the correct shock cord required for my Travel Air B-11D replica."

--Jay Vieaux, Aircraft Builder/Restorer



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