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Maintenance Oversight

New aircraft completion or a complete refurbishment is a tedious and expensive task. This type of work requires excellent project management in order to have the airplane enter into service on time, with all features working properly. Our years of experience can benefit you by having Rezich & Rezich manage your completion or refurbishment. We are well-versed in all areas of exterior and interior work and keep abreast of the latest innovations being offered. Keep your flight department operating normally by not having your staff out of the hangar for such a lengthy project. We will provide you with regular detailed reports based on milestone events throughout the project, and will provide a hands-on transition at delivery.

Let Us Deal With the Bureaucracy. When your airplane has a major maintenance event, scheduled or unscheduled, we can ensure the work is completed correctly, on time, and on budget by providing you with our on-site maintenance oversight. Our many years of experience dealing with every major manufacturer’s service centers will benefit you, as we have well established lines of communications and know how to deal with the bureaucracy. By having us with your airplane every day, we can closely monitor the progress of the event and report to you on a regular basis. We will provide you with both verbal and detailed written reports at the event milestones that will include discrepancies and corrective actions, and preliminary cost estimates.  Any unforeseen discrepancies or material delivery problems will be reported as soon as they are discovered.  We'll work as your advocate to make sure these issues are satisfactorily resolved with the workscope time frame. At the completion of the event we will provide you with a detailed report package that will include the service provider’s work order detail, maintenance record entries, all material tractability documents, approved discrepancies and the preliminary invoice. We will work closely with you and the service provider to quickly resolve any issues concerning workmanship, materials, or cost issues.

Location, Location, Location: Have an AOG drop-in problem? Have other commitments that keep you from being with your airplane? We can quickly be on-site with your airplane and keep you abreast of the troubleshooting as it happens. Our many years of experience in AOG situations will help get your airplane back in the air quickly. We are centrally located in the mid-west, and can easily arrive at Gulfstream Appleton, the Milwaukee Citation Service Center, or Landmark Aviation in Springfield within 4 hours. In another 2 hours we can be at General Dynamics Aviation Services in Minneapolis, Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek, or Jet/Midcoast in St. Louis.



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