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Aircraft Technical Evaluations

Our Aircraft Technical Evaluations are designed to assist you with either purchasing an airplane or selling your present airplane.


For those purchasing an airplane, our Aircraft Technical Evaluation will provide you with piece of mind, knowing that the airplane you have selected was properly represented to you. Our airworthiness research goes beyond simple specifications -- we will accomplish comprehensive research of all the required inspections, life-limited items, and overhaul and replacement items. Our research will include supporting documentation for all these items, which is critical if your airplane will be operated under FAR Part 135. Additionally, we will review all aircraft records for damage history and special or unscheduled inspections, such as those performed for overweight landings and lightning strikes.

Once our research has been completed, we can provide a detailed workscope report to the service provider of what should be provided. This report will give you the satisfaction of knowing that the airplane's physical condition matches how the official records represented it. We'll also ensure that your newly-purchased aircraft will enter into service with the maximum time before the next scheduled maintenance event.

We will be on-site with your airplane to quickly analyze any discrepancies discovered by the service provider. You'll be advised, both verbally and in writing, what was discovered, and we will be able to offer experienced solutions. We will review all loose items on board the aircraft and provide you with a written inventory list. We can also recommend what spare parts you should have on hand to ensure maximum utility from your airplane.

Upon delivery, we will present you with our completed documentation package that will include our Airworthiness Research, and an inventory of all the aircraft records and loose equipment.

However, our service doesn't stop after delivery. For up to 60 days after delivery, you can contact us with any questions about our research. We can also provide duplicate Airworthiness Research documentation to aid in enrolling you aircraft on an FAA Part 135 certificate. We're available to assist you during an FAA Part 135 conformity inspection of your aircraft, and once your aircraft has entered into service, we can continue to support your flight operation with Maintenance Oversight for scheduled inspections and modifications.


For those considering selling their present airplane, we can accomplish the same detailed Airworthiness Research we provide for buyers, with documentation to firmly establish your airplane's credentials. This will be a definite aid to you or your sales agent, as they will be able to ensure your aircraft specifications are true and correct, to eliminate any potential problems.

We can also represent your interests during a pre-purchase event to ensure you are only responsible for charges related to the terms of your sales agreement. Since we have previously determined the condition of your airplane from our records research and a physical inspection, we're well equipped to accompany the airplane to the selected service provider and pass along the knowledge we've already established. We can also advise you about which service providers are likely to give you the best benefits.

We'll provide you with both verbal and written status reports on how the event is progressing, and what costs are being incurred. We'll ensure the aircraft delivery is accomplished on-time and professionally. We're able to inventory your loose equipment and spare parts included with the aircraft, to make the sale transfer more professional.

Our services are essential to a smooth, professional, hassle-free sale or purchase of your airplane. We offer true Peace of Mind!



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