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As an FAA authorized Designated Airworthiness Representative for maintenance activities, Jim Rezich is now able to accomplish certain tasks normally reserved for FAA inspectors.

Privileges include:

 -- Issuance of Import and Export Certificates of Airworthiness for U.S.-registered airplanes. We've worked closely with Heritage Aero of Rockford, Illinois, and we recommend them for General Aviation export inspection and crating.

 -- Issuance of Special Airworthiness Certificates for U.S.-registered Restricted and Limited category aircraft.

 -- Issuance of Special Experimental Airworthiness Certificates for airplanes used for market survey, research and development, and crew training.

Jim can also issue Special Flight Permits to enable movement of airplanes to a location for repair, alternation, maintenance, or storage in the event of evacuation.

Additionally, Jim can issue Export Airworthiness approvals for Class I and II products manufactured in the U.S. in accordance with 14 CFR Part 21, Subpart L.

These services are available within the Northern Illinois geographic region, and are available outside this region with advance notice and FAA concurrence.



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